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When building an airplane - why build it from wood

When building an airplane - why build it from wood


When building an airplane - why build it from wood

By Erik Eldegard

Like all other possible materials to choose, wood has it's pro's and con's. After having looked into them, you might have an idea why quite many people name wood their favourite material to build planes from.

Wood have some qualities that in my opinion makes it THE superior material for building your own airplane.

Erik's D18 fuselage
D18 fuselage
Tail section of the D18 fuselage
D18 tail section

So that's some reasons why all Jodels are made from wood. All 7000+ of them! More than half of them were made industrially, but still, Jodel is the type of airplane that is most frequently built by amateurs. And I'm sure we'll continue building them for years and years to come - for their excellent performance, easy maintenance, wonderful flying and handling qualities, and maybe also for their longevity.

Most older Jodels, incidentally, are built of spruce and Okoume plwood. The latter being imported from the then French colonies in Africa. Okoume (or Gaboon), according to the commonwealth Scientific Industial Research Organisation, has a density of 25.5 to 28 lb/ cu. ft. Or in more sensible units: between 400 and 450 kg/m3. The later Jodel models (D18 and onward) feature birch plywood, which according to the same source has a density of 36 to 40 lb/ cu. ft. (575 to 640 kg/m3). Birch is therefore heavier, but has superior strength in the mean time, due to its longer grains. (HT)


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