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The Jodel D9 Bebe

The Jodel D9 Bebe


The Jodel D9 Bebe
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The D9 Bebe was the first Jodel design. It is an open cockpit single seater, that falls well within European microlight/ultralight categories. As with all Jodels, the cranked wing gives it extraordinary performance. It is reported to be a delight to fly. Plans are still available from the factory, the last price seen being FrFr 250 (around US$55). If you don't fancy building one yourself, good examples of D9's can be had for around US$ 10,000 or less. A D9 is featured in the July 1995 issue of Kitplanes magazine.

The prototype at its first flight in 1948
The prototype at its first flight in 1948
The prototype D9, after being repainted.
The prototype D9, after being repainted.
The original paint was bright orange -
a leftover can of tractor paint!

VW engine on D9
The D9 prototype, with presumably M. Joly at the helm.
Joly with D9 and D11
Joly with D9 and D11.

Various variants have been built in the past, the major difference between the different variants being the engine. Each variant received its own postfix number. Thus you have D91's, D92's, etcetera.

3 view drawing of D9


Overall dimensions:    
Length 17.7 ft 5.40 m
Wing span 23 ft 7 m
Wing area 97 sq.ft 9 m2
Aspect ratio 5.45  
Weights and loadings:    
Empty weight (typical) 435 lbs 198 kg
Max Take off weight 704 lbs 320 kg
Usefull load 280 lbs 127 kg
Bagage capacity 20 lbs 9 kg
Power loading 13 lbs/hp 5.9 kg/hp
Fuel capacity 9.6 gal 36 l
Wing loading 7.37 lbs/sq.ft 36 kg/m2

Ultralight D9 Bebe Panel of FM
I received the following mail from the builder of this Jodel:
«Here's a pic of my ULTRA BABY, a BEBE converted to
Ultra light category in France.
I like your site. It encouraged me thru the months of work needed to
get my plane flying. 25hrs since first flight in early sept this year.
I love it!»

Other specs:    
Gear Tailwheel  
Seats 1  
Controls Stick and rudder  
Material Wood and fabric  
Various 35-70 hp mostly Volkwagen
Performance: (Using 55 hp VW)  
Wing max stressed to 9 G  
Max speed, sea level 103 mph 165 km/h
Cruise speed 85 mph 135 km/h
Vne 125 mph 200 km/h
Stall speed (indicated) 25 mph 40 km/h
Climb rate 650 fpm 3.3 m/s
Service ceiling 12000 ft 3660 m
Take-off roll 300 ft 90 m
Landing roll (no brakes) 270 ft 80 m
Range (with reserves) 200 nm 360 km

Exploded view of D9
Exploded view of the D9. Click on the picture to get a large version (246 kB).

For more information or comments, mail me at
The photos in this web site are from the excellent book by Xavier Massť,
sent in by happy Jodel owners, lifted from the web or taken by myself.